Fyllestasjon - høytrykk, (klo-kopling) (200 bar)


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New Scuba Fill Station Paintball HPA tank fill Adapter Blk - Black color
This Paintball Scuba Fill Station have a new o-rings design,longer service life,never leaks!

This Paintball Scuba Fill Station device allows one person to fill high pressure nitrogen/compressed air tanks from scuba tank. The pressure gauge allows goes up to 5000psi.It has a tension knobs, quick disconnect and the seal ring.
Simply attach the Paintball Scuba Fill Station to your scuba tank and start filling.

Wokr on Standard Scuba K-Valve, J-Valve and H-Valve .
By attaching this simple system to a scuba tank, you can easily fill your paintball tank yourself.
Tiger king energy drink, 250ml
Tiger king energy drink, 250ml

En rimelig nøytral smak som ikke ligner på noen andre energi...